Pencils, paper, glue and scissor ’tis the season for this teacher. Smiling faces is what this class is made of. Who am I? I am your teacher! Welcome to Cheatham Elementary! I am so excited to meet you!

          Each student is an important individual that plays a huge part in my life. I want nothing but the best for every student. I am anticipating getting to know all of you this year. Welcome to the Cheatham family!

T.L.C…. Tender Loving Classroom

          Two things that promote an effective and successful classroom are  support and communication. Another way to support our class is by being a parent volunteer when we have big classroom projects. To limit distractions I will schedule a time and activity parents can sign up to assist with.

Parent communication is an important part of a successful classroom. Ways of communication are meet with me before or after school, e-mail, write a note, or phone call. E-mail is the quickest way for me to respond . If you call the school your call will be directed to my voicemail so there is no in class distractions. I will then contact you at the end of the day. I am here to help each student succeed. I am more than open to making accommodations you may need.