Sixth-Grade English Language Arts 

The central focus of this class will be reading comprehension, analytic skills, elements of literature, and writing. The class will engage in explorations of literature through reading, writing, and research. These explorations will assist in the students’ academic and personal growth as well as forge the framework through which they will strengthen their language arts skills and broaden their worldviews.

The academic goal for this English class is that all sixth-grade students score proficient or exceeds (grade-level or above) on the AZ Merit Assessment in reading and writing. Students will also improve their reading and writing skills through multiple approaches to authentic engagement within the context of literary and social issues.

The social goal of this class is for students to develop into informed, caring, and open-mined individuals who value their own and others’ unique perspectives.

Please remember that in order to ensure the success of each student, each student must arrive to class equipped with the necessary materials and the attitude of learning. Encourage your child to be prepared to learn as soon as (s)he walks onto campus.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at or 602. 237. 9110 ext. 3182.


Brittani Roy

My mission statement

My mission as the sixth-grade English language arts teacher is to foster my students’ academic and personal growth by providing engaging, quality, and interactive learning opportunities designed to cultivate my students into informed, interdependent, responsible, and caring global citizens with a life-long love of learning.