Kindergarten is starting their animal research project. Every student is assigned an animal of their choice. During class time, we research the animal using books, i-pads, videos, etc. 
We research by watching videos on the internet, looking at pictures in books, getting kindergarten leveled books about our animals, etc. 
All I ask parents is to help them research a little at home. Things that they need to know about their animals are:
*Their animals name
*What it looks like
*What it eats
*What habitat it lives in (ex. rain forest)
*Where it sleeps (ex. in a hole)
*What it likes to do  (ex. climb trees)
*How does it find shelter or make shelter for itself
Our end goal in a few weeks is to create a book about our animal and make our animal for a class project. 
I appreciate the support!! They really enjoy this! :) 
*Some helpful websites/resources are: discovery channel, library books and Youtube videos* 
Happy researching! 
Thank you,
-Ms. Fazio