I’m very happy to welcome you to 8th grade Science!  All of the hard work and dedication you have put into your schoolwork throughout the years has helped get you to this point.  I am very proud to have you in our class and know that you will do well.

     Parents; I am delighted to have your student in my classroom this year and look forward to sharing the school year together with him/her.  As a teacher, I will endeavor to create an educational partnership with you and your student that will foster courage, determination, and passion for knowledge.  In addition to this, my commitment as an educator will be to provide your student with a nurturing and challenging educational environment that will ensure his/her academic success in 8th grade.  

     Students; While you are in 8th grade, you are expected to maintain strong grades and outstanding character.  Your success in 8th grade will depend on your hard work, effort, and dedication.