Dear Parents,


I would like to take a moment to introduce myself as your 2nd grade teacher.  I am very excited to be a part of your child’s life this year.  In order to start the year off right, we want to give you some valuable information to help prepare your students for 2nd grade. We are very academic driven and will maintain a fast pace in order to cover everything that is needed to be successful in 2nd grade.  Classroom behaviors and regular attendance are a crucial keys to our success, here are some guidelines to keep in mind:




To ensure everyone’s education and safety, we have established classroom/school rules, rewards for appropriate behavior, and consequences for misbehavior.  Please review these rules with your child regularly.


  1. Practice Respect
  2. Accept Responsibility
  3. Work Together
  4. Stay Safe




The consequences for not following the classroom rules are:


1st offense = verbal warning

2nd offense = red dojo point

3rd offense = red dojo point be sent to a buddy room, miss recess

4th offense =  phone call home to parents

5th offense =child will be sent to the office with a referral.

In addition a child will receive a red dojo point for each infraction, that when totaled can mean a loss of rewards for the week.




Students will be earn Fun Friday on Fridays for turning in completed homework on time and maintaining good behavior throughout the week.  Behavior will be monitored through class dojo as well as office referrals received inside or outside of the classroom. Children will receive positive dojo points that will be accrued for eligibility for Fun Friday.  Students will be earn recess time based on positive behavior through out the day.  PAW passes will be earned by exhibiting appropriate behavior in and out of the classroom. Passes can then be redeemed for prizes. Behavior will be monitored through class dojo as well as office referrals received inside or outside of the classroom. Your child must meet behavior requirements to be eligible for any field trips that may be scheduled this school year.





Students must be in uniforms at ALL times.  Uniforms are white, light or dark blue tops, dark blue or khaki bottoms.  “Low riding” bottoms are also not allowed so please make sure your child has a belt if needed.  ALL jackets including those worn outside must be either blue, white or gray and cannot have any logos, patterns or prints.





Students will be given a homework packet on Mondays which includes, review of our current lessons in reading, spelling and math.  They are expected to read for 20 minutes and practice math facts each night.  The work itself must be completed by Friday in order to participate in Fun Friday.  Other things your child can do at home are: write and illustrate a short story, study addition, subtraction, multiplication, basic facts and study the weekly spelling words.



Home Support Reminders


  • Reading- students need to be reading every day during the year- their goal by the end 2nd grade is to read a minimum of 100 words per minute with comprehension. This will be crucial your child’s success and ability to read and understand.
  • Writing- students should keep a journal and write in it daily to maintain their writing skills.
  • Math- Students should have their addition/subtraction facts memorized from 0-20 and may begin working on multiplication facts



We are looking forward to working with you and your child this year!


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