Welcome to Our Class!

Welcome to the 2018-19 school year at Paseo Pointe. I am looking forward to a fantastic year with your second grader. I hope you will find this website helpful, and will be used as a way to stay in touch and enhance home and school communication.  Be sure to stop back often to see the exciting things we are doing in our classroom. Take a peek at work, photos, schedules, routines, and all of the fun we have on a daily basis.

It will certainly be a memorable year with your child as he/she works to “Step on the Path to Success” with learning in second grade!

Please if  you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me.

Important dates for this Month

Black History Month Observaton

Scooptacular Ice Cream Day-Every Tuesday for $2

Spring Book Fair is 2/11-2/15 – We are always looking for volunteers (they get paid in scholastic dollars)! Here is sign up link to share with your Ram families. VOLUNTEER SIGN UP  We will do the KISS events for PreK – 2nd grade.

Early Release Day-Feb. 20th at 11:30 am.

Dress Down Day, Feb 22, Friday, look for collection pouches in boxes next week.

2nd Grade Field Trip to Southwest Symphony Feb. 26th

 Letter from our parents from the school administrators.


Dear Parents,

January proved successful in kicking off our new monthly expectation focus.  The entire school worked on strengthening our RESPONSIBILITY around the campus and hopefully you got a chance to work on it at home as well.  Our February focus will be INTEGRITY.  Read below for each week’s emphasis and ways to support your child at home.


Week 1 Follow procedures without being asked

At school:  Know the procedures in your classroom and around the campus.  Do what you are supposed to do even when no one is looking or no one else is doing it.


At home: Set up consistent procedures so every knows what is expected.  What are the expectations for when they come home? What is the routine for getting ready for bed?


Week 2 Take responsibilities for your actions


At school: Take ownership of the choices you made without excuses. Accept the consequences of your actions.


At Home: Show empathy while keeping consequences consistent. “I’m sorry you made a that choice.  I know next time you will make a better one.”


Week 3 Share and take turns


At school:  Share equipment and materials with your classmates so that everyone can participate.


At home: Try playing a game together that encourages taking turns.


Week 4 Be honest


At school:  Tell the truth about situations even when it is hard.


At Home: Set your child up to be honest.  Don’t give your child the opportunity to fib by asking questions you already know the answer.  For example, instead of asking, “Did you finish your homework?” try, “What are you plans for finishing your homework?”


These expectations will be emphasized all month long and it will also be the guidelines in which students earn the recognition of “Student of the Month.”


Thank you for our continued partnership in teaching our students to be their very best!


Thank you for your support!


Mrs. Cole & Ms. Pedroza