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       Welcome to kindergarten with Mrs. Gutierrez. I look forward to making this a memorable year, as kindergarten is an exciting experience and time for everyone. In order to make this year a success it is important we work together to ensure your child meets all of his/her academic and social goals.

-Students will increase their academic knowledge in all subject areas and meet benchmark goals and grade level standards.
-Students will grow, learn, and demonstrate their roles as citizens with positive character traits in our community.
-Students will become lifelong learners and believe in themselves.

Expectations for success:
-We expect students to be present and at school every day no later than 8:00 a.m. ready to learn.
-We expect students to read for at least twenty minutes a day, every day.
-We expect students to make respectful, responsible, and safe decisions at all times.

 Class rules

1. Be responsible: Follow directions given the first time
2. Be respectful: Treat others with kindness
3. Always do your best!!!