Classroom Updates

K-4 learning new games

These next few weeks K-4 will be introduced to new games.  In K-2 they will play games such as Yucky ball and Dinosaur tag

In grades 3rd and 4th we will be learning sprout ball, doing more basketball, and corner ball.

Team handball

In the Jr high classes grade 6th-8th we started playing team handball along with some games that modified team handball such as ultimate pinball and flicker ball.

Basketball and Softball Try-outs

Next week is try-outs for our Boys basketball and Co-Ed softball teams.


It will be held..

7th/8th grade- Wednesday 8-15 After school till 4:30

6th grade- Thursday 8-16 After school till 4:30

Teams will be posted Friday 8-17

Time to get into units

Starting next week 8-14 with grades 6th-8th we will be starting our basketball units

1st-4th will start the units on Friday 8-17 as I have a few more fun games I want to teach them.

Kinder will continue to learn the routines in the gym and the arm up while learning a new tag game.

First Week

We will be going over all the routines and procedures in the gym. Along with all of the rules that are in place for their safety.  Then I plan on getting right into some fun activities.


Please make sure when you students have PE that they have closed toe gym shoes on for there safety and to keep our floor looking good.


Thank you