Hello and “Welcome back” to the 2017-2018 School year from the Physical Education Department. We hope you and your families have had a great summer, and like us, you are anticipating another outstanding school year.

The goal of our Physical Education program is to promote a positive learning experience, maximizing student participation in all activities, and creating an environment for each child to have the opportunity to be successful. Our program focuses on fostering a safe, supportive and non-competitive environment where personal development, and fitness awareness and healthy interaction with others are emphasized during all lessons.

When your child is scheduled to have P.E., he/she is required to wear a comfortable, supportive athletic shoe. Sandals and Crocs are not permitted.  Please note that many shoes popular among the children currently, such as Vans, Converse and Uggs, do not provide proper ankle and arch support necessary for the activities children engage in on P.E. days.

If your child has been sent to school with a note to sit out of PE, in order for them not to miss out on the lesson, they will be required to come to P.E. providing they are physically able. They will be a helper, scorekeeper or equipment manager for that class.  By sharing some of our goals and philosophy with you, it is our hope that you will have a better understanding of what we are trying to accomplish as physical education professionals.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me at extension #3734 or via email at: jblaine@laveeneld.org.



Jayson Blaine

Physical Education Teacher