Welcome to our Third Grade classroom site!  Here you will be able to find useful information about our classroom procedures, activities happening in our classroom, and so much more!  Please check back for updates, that will be posted frequently. You can find important dates using our classroom calendar in the updates section!

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What to Expect in Our Classroom

As we begin the year, our students will be held to a certain expectation and level of achievement. I strongly believe in creating a learning environment that is both creative and engaging. Students will have multiple opportunities to identify their different learning styles and what works best for them. It is our mission to cater to each and every learning style to our ability. Our students have to know that they not only have me as their support but also the entire team of third grade teachers that are dedicated to getting our students to where they need to be. Encouraging one another and creating a classroom family is something that our students will be reminded of daily in order to succeed together. As our students develop the skill of team work within the classroom, they will develop relationships with one another that will push them to encourage one another. I am very much looking forward to beginning this new journey in Third Grade!