Yoga is filled with countless benefits for everyone, especially children.  We, at Laveen Elementary School want our children to perform at their optimal level inside and outside the classroom.  Having them understand that they hold the key to be the best version of themselves starting from within out is vital for their optimal level of increased academic and behavior rigor with responsibility and accountability for their future in high school, college, hopes, dreams and every aspect of life in the real world. That is just the beginning of the positive life changes Yoga will bring to our children’s future.  Laveen Elementary focus is INTENTION vs. DETENTION.  When it comes to yoga, we know it is not only about poses and postures, but it is also about practicing and setting positive intentions for the week.  Having our students practice positive intentions, for example, KINDNESS to their peers, especially those who are rude, mean, or disrespectful allows them to grow and transform into a better version of themselves…a true leader.  Without setting intentions for the week, our students will have to battle the negativity that DETENTION has to bring to the table which is nothing to equip them for their academics or life skills.   This Mindfulness Program will incorporate the following Laveen practices:

  • Yoga and Centering in the mornings ( 15min )
  • Breathing techniques (5min)
  • Meditation
  • Holistic Nutrition (Live Pure Kids)


Laveen Elementary Mindfulness Yoga Program includes all grade levels. We conduct a twenty minute class on easy and effective breathing techniques and meditation tips with targeted and participating students.  This will give them the opportunity to start class each morning with a 15 minute meditation and 5 minute breathing exercise before the kids dive into their lesson for the day.  Any students that are unbalanced with anger, depression, anxiety, and are off task will be sent to the MBS (Mind, Body, and Spirit) room located in the front office. There, the students will find a Yoga instructor who will then guide them into a meditation exercise and/or a mindfulness activity. Once the student has reached a level of calmness and understanding they are sent back to their appropriate classroom after filling out a reflective response that is aligned with our ELA reading and writing state standards.  Building and mastering proficiency in all subject content areas is essential for our students’ academic growth mentally and socially.


  1. To teach and have students utilize the skills necessary to self-regulate their behavior.
  2. To teach and have students utilize healthy eating and physical fitness habits.



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