Dear Parents,


Welcome to the sixth grade. Hopefully, everyone had a great summer and is eager to start the new school year. This year will be a very rewarding and challenging year for your child. Our goal is to prepare them for the next grade level, while making them more responsible for their own education. The best way to increase student academic achievement is to have parents, teachers, and students working together. Taking part in your child’s education is vital to his/her success. Thank you in advance for all you do.


Materials Needed for all 6th Graders

See supply list for academic materials

Tips for a Successful School Year

  • Attendance is critical, including being on time
  • Positive attitude- ready to learn
  • Coming prepared each day- paper, books, pencil, completed homework, silent reading book
  • Please refer to your child’s agenda if you have any questions about their work; they will be asked to write in them every day
  • Please be aware that space in the classroom is limited.



The agenda is a very useful tool for the students, parents, and teachers to stay on the same page. It is a great place for them to keep track of all of their assignments for each day. Parents should check the agenda everyday for any communication from the teachers. Agendas are to be signed by Friday morning of each week.



Class assignments are designed to reinforce the skills that were taught that day. Please provide a quiet place for your student to complete their work. Students will have anywhere from 60-90 minutes of homework a day. This work may include: finishing an assignment they started in class, silent reading, going over notes, working on a project, or using the computer to do some research. If your child tells you he/she has finished all their work remind them that there are always notes to study or books to read. All homework is due at the beginning of each day.


Late Work or Incomplete Work

You will have two days for each day you are absent. It is the student’s responsibility to get their make-up work.The previous day’s assignments will be listed on the homework board in each classroom. Students may also check with their peers. Students may redo assignments that were turned in on time and completed to raise their grade. They have 2 days to redo it from the time it was returned to them.

Please feel free to visit the classroom after you have checked in at the office. If you are interested in being a parent volunteer, talk to your child’s homeroom teacher. Teachers can be contacted by calling the school at 602-304-2020 ext. 3672 or directly by emailing


I look forward to working with you!

Mrs. Carrillo

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