8th Grade Science

What’s happening in 4th quarter:

  • AIMS science test
  • Galileo post-test
  • End-of-year celebration
  • Graduation

This quarter student will focus on reviewing the material learned in quarters 1-3 and proving their growth and mastery of these concepts on both the AIMS and Galileo assessments.

The Google Classroom is where assignments, notes, videos, and other work is posted on a regular basis.  Students can access this anywhere they have a phone, tablet, or computer with internet access.

Grades are updated regularly – be sure to check that your grade accurately reflects your performance in class

Discovery Education is the curriculum site used by all the Laveen schools for both science and social studies.  It consists of text, videos, images, and interactive materials.

Links to resources

Google Classroom


Discovery Education


Contact Information:

Michael Ptack, ND

8th Grade Science

M.C. Cash Elementary School


602-237-9120 x 3261

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