Classroom Information

Welcome to English Language Arts!

This year we will be working to learn new reading, writing, and language skills. I hope for a fun and meaningful experience this year.


Important- Needed (if students have trouble getting these please see me by 8/12)

  • Composition Notebook: College Ruled.
  • 2- 2 pocket folders
  • Pencils/pen: Students should come prepared with these everyday. Both pens and pencil will be needed.

Recommended (these items will be provided as a class set, but students may want their own)


  • Highlighters
  • Mouse- Wired or wireless (these will not be provided, but can be useful through the heavy computer use)


Classroom donations  (any of these items will be used for the entire class and to prepare activities)


  • Colored pencils/crayons (no markers)
  • Pencils/Pens
  • Highlighters
  • Composition Notebooks
  • Printer Paper
  • College Ruled lined paper
  • Two pocket folders with fasteners


Students will be earn two grades: Academic and Effort

Academic: A-F grades showing students mastery of the concepts based on tests and projects. Students may make up these assignments to show mastery after being re-taught, getting tutoring, or independently studying.

Effort: Excellent, Satisfactory, and Need Improvement grades showing students behavior in class, participation on assignments and discussions, and completion of homework or class assignment.


            Restroom: Students will be given a bathroom card for each quarter. They can use the restroom one time during class. They are encouraged to use the restroom during specials, lunch, and passing periods. Emergencies will be handled accordingly.

        Homework: Students will be asked to read 15-30 minutes a week and complete a weekly response. Homework may also be work that students do not finish in class

       Absent Work: You will be responsible for getting your own absent work (including notes) by asking me after class or asking a teammate. All absent work will be due by the mid-quarter or end of quarter. Absent work will be a zero until it is turned in.

Make up/Re-do: Students can make up or re-do tests or projects for mastery until the end of the quarter


Discipline Policy

All class rules and procedures are built around the idea of respect and responsibility. Showing these characteristics will help create a successful year. I will work with you to become the best person you can based on these ideas.


All students will be held to the expectations of being a T.R.A.C.K student:


  1. Trustworthy
  2. Responsible
  3. Accountable
  4. Collaborative
  5. Kind


Middle School Consequences:

1.)                Verbal Warning

2.)                 Consequence

Seat Change/Buddy Room/Reflection Sheet/Parent Phone Call (Infraction Tracker)

4.)                Referral




1.) Praise

2.) Positive Notes/Calls Home

3.) Free Time

4.) Bobcat Bucks



Each quarter there will be a celebration day before break. Students may not receive more than 3 infractions from me, and must earn a C or higher in Reading and Writing to attend the celebration




At the end of each year the 8th grade will celebrate hard working students by going to an end of the year field trip. This trip is very special to only 8th graders. Please look for more information regarding this in March.


There is no official after school tutoring. However, I am available to stay after school most Monday’s, Tuesday’s, and Thursday’s. If students need help with homework, a lesson they did not understand, they need to make up or re-do a test, or if they need to use the computer for internet access they may stay until 4:00. There is a late bus at 4:10.



I am available through email as the best means of communication.



Phone: 602-304-2020 Ex 3677