Welcome!  I’m excited to be working with you this school year.  I believe history is one of the most fascinating and worthwhile topics one can learn, and I hope to impart my love of history to you as we progress through this year.

Class Description:

    7-8th grade social studies is designed to give students a detailed understanding of certain time periods within America’s history, while also providing them with geographical, economic, and political understandings as well.

Class Goals:

  • Students will receive a detailed overview of important historical events that shaped America.
  • Students will also learn how to determine proper sources and methods for crediting the sources they will be utilizing.
  • On a grander scale students will come to appreciate the many ways that history can relate to their current lives and find meaning in the past that will apply to many of today’s current issues.
  • Students will develop skills necessary to being successful (organization, knowledge, thought process, etc.)

Students will ultimately be able to learn how to make connections through history and apply that knowledge in the ways that they function within our society.