Welcome to the wonderful world of First Grade in room 13! My name is Shelby Bradshaw and I am so excited to join you and your family in your child’s educational journey! My classroom is designed to be a safe, fun, and engaging environment where students learn from and care deeply for one another. We work collaboratively often. The best way to learn is together,  through conversation and hands on and engaging activities! Here in first grade we will grow. A lot. By the end of the year students will leave being able to:

  • Segment words
  • Identify long and short vowels
  • Read CVC words
  • Spell using consonants and digraphs
  • Read long vowel words
  • Berak words into syllables
  • Read and write High Frequency Words
  • Read with fluency
  • Tell time
  • Measure objects
  • Identify 1/2 and 1/4 of a shape
  • Read and interpret graphs
  • Count to 120
  • Add and subtract 10 to a number
  • Solve for an unknown in a number sentence
  • Add and subtract

I am so honored that you have chosen TSP to help guide and grow your child. Working together we will make great strides and lay the fundamental skills for a lifetime of learning.